Case Studies

Finding retirement income

the new lifetime

Paul and Sue were looking forward to enjoying their retirement, spending more of their time with family at their holiday home by the sea and enjoying walks along the coast. They had done a great job of putting money away for the future in savings, ISAs and pension. Their pensions are expected to provide a reasonable level of their retirement income, but not all of it. Paul and Sue were faced with the challenge of finding the additional income they needed to enjoy the lifestyle they dreamed of, without eroding their capital too much.

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Just look at their faces

Inheritance tax

It was late autumn when Mike and Jeanette updated their wills. Mike had received a sizable inheritance and his solicitor suggested he spoke with us about reducing the growing inheritance tax (IHT) liability on his estate.

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From fear to facing the future with courage


Lyn came to us at the early stages of her divorce. In her mid-60s and dealing with the end of a 40 year long marriage, she felt as if her whole world was being turned upside down. Faced with having to make all sorts of financial decisions at such a stressful time was taking its toll. Fearful of what lay ahead, she asked us for help.

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With a plan in place a dream becomes reality

Chamberlain Stean & West

Mr R had only ever lived with his parents and gave up his job to become their full-time carer in their later life.  After losing his parents and inheriting their estate, he was worried about having to deal with such a large sum of money.  After several discussions with his solicitor, it was clear he needed professional independent advice, to help him manage his inheritance in the best way possible. That’s where we came in.

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When life in your 90’s is all it should be

equity release

When Mrs C’s husband died a number of years ago, she wanted to remain in the family home for as long as she could.  Now in her mid 90’s, Mrs C suffered from an increasing list of physical ailments and a live-in carer had been an essential part of her daily life for some time.  Fortunately Mrs C was as bright as a spark, hadn’t lost her mental capacity, and organised and ran a local art class for ‘the youngsters’.

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