With a plan in place a dream becomes reality

Chamberlain Stean & West

After our first meeting with Mr R, we were able to establish the true value of the assets of his inheritance.  Although on paper he was a millionaire, without a job or a regular source of income, he certainly didn’t see himself that way and was concerned about making ends meet.

We guided Mr R through our Lifestyle Planning Process to find out what is important about money to him.  A fairly typical picture emerged:

  • Money was important for financial security.  He wants to feel safe.
  • Having financial security gives him time to enjoy the things he loves, like playing the guitar, going to concerts, and eating out more often.
  • He wants to be able to enjoy life, to afford holidays and enjoy a few luxuries.

We probed a bit more to find out if there were any changes to his lifestyle that would have significant importance for him.  What became apparent was the extent of his passion for music and his ambition to travel around the USA paying homage to his music legends; something he had always seen as an indulgence and something he never felt he could afford to do.

A key part of the Lifestyle Planning process is to model Mr R’s future cash flows, based on the information he shared with us, and taking into account key milestone events and significant scenarios.

With our help, Mr R has a good understanding about the assets of his inheritance from his parents and how they can be used to generate the income he needs.  Mr R now has the peace of mind that he can pay the necessary bills and have a bit left over to enjoy life.  He has the comfort of knowing that his finances are in good order, with a plan in place that is reviewed annually to keep it line with any changes to his circumstances or legislation.  Most important of all, Mr R has a smile from ear to ear as he plans his itinerary for his trip to the USA for the holiday of his life.  Something he never thought possible until he was introduced to Chamberlain Stean & West.