Budget 2016 – What it means for you

Budget 2016

This was a Budget set against the backdrop of a difficult global economy, with a ‘materially weaker’ outlook.  With the UK vulnerable to this global slowdown, Osborne had to balance the need to appease Tory backbenchers ahead of the EU referendum, with fiscal reality. Savers will be encouraged with a higher ISA allowance and the…

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Why investors should not be fearful


Just ten days ago, there was panic in markets and investors were justifiably nervous about the immediate market outlook.  Irresponsible nonsense peddled in the media about ”sell everything” had whipped up an early year tempest in the markets. Despite the market volatility, our Investment Committee talked with fund managers and their teams to solicit opinion…

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A Christmas gift for your children’s future

With Christmas just around the corner, making an investment for your children or grandchildren is a great way to give them a financial head start in life, long after the festivities are over.
Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future and getting kids involved early with saving helps them learn important lessons about money 

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