What has happened to Property Funds?

property funds

Despite some early volatility, the investment market fallout from the referendum decision has been fairly benign. Perhaps one of the more significant Brexit consequences to date was the decision by Standard Life Investments and others, to suspend trading in their UK property funds.

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Case Study – Keeping it in the family

inheritance tax

Robert had been through a difficult time when he came to us. His mother had died, and his Dad was suffering with dementia and in need of full time care. Thankfully, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) was in place, with Robert as attorney for his father’s affairs. After making the difficult decision to sell the family home to pay for his father’s care home fees, Robert now faced the challenge of reducing his father’s potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability; something he knew his father had also wanted to do so that Robert and his family enjoyed as much as possible.

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The world’s changing political landscape

political landscape

Politicians are adding to the uncertainty rather than removingit. What next is a question for us all and when we came across this just after the referendum result, we just had to share it with you. We came so close on this side of the pond!

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Retirement Concerns: Planning for rainy days and sunny ones

retirement concerns

A recent survey from Aegon found that whilst most people were looking forward to their retirement, there continues to be widespread concern about what the reality may bring.  We look at how the most common retirement worries can be mitigated. \r\n Will I have enough money? New retirees are faced with a complex range of choices,…

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Pensions: Navigating the new change

pension changes

Pensions were transformed by the arrival of freedom reforms on 6 April 2015 providing much greater flexibility and far greater choice on how you spend and generate an income from your pensions.  We’ve highlighted the new changes which are now in place, to help you navigate the new pension landscape. \r\n State Pension The new State…

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