Case Studies

Keeping it in the family


Robert had been through a difficult time when he came to us.  His mother had died, and his Dad was suffering with dementia and needed full time care.  Thankfully, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) was in place, with Robert as attorney for his father’s affairs.  After making the difficult decision to sell the family home to buy an immediate care annuity, Robert no longer had to worry about how to pay for his father’s care home fees.

However, after buying the care annuity, his father’s estate was still worth about £950,000, and was all in cash and investments.  Robert wanted to find ways of preserving as much of his parents wealth as possible.

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Location, Location, Location

EIS Keep in the family

Sadly, in 2011 Paula’s husband, David, passed away.  After losing David, Paula inherited his estate, which included 2 properties, a generous investment portfolio with a sizable amount in cash, and more than enough income from pensions to pay for a comfortable lifestyle.  However, managing it all had become too much for Paula and she decided she wanted her children to benefit from their father’s legacy.

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

EIS Ready steady go

Peter left school at 16 to become an apprentice a specialist parts manufacturer to the club car racing fraternity.  There he met Stephen, and over the years their commitment to the business led them to becoming directors by the time the owner, Frank, retired in 1974. 

Under Peter and Stephen’s partnership, the business thrived, becoming one of the specialist component suppliers to the very lucrative F1 teams, with a turnover in the £m’s.  Their success enabled them to build up substantial pensions and investment portfolios.  As a proud owner of a bus pass, Peter decided the time had come to stop working, retire, and sell his shares.  Concerned about how this could affect his inheritance tax liability (IHT), he came to us for help.

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Fulfilling the role of Trustee


Frank’s mum, Betty, had always been organised. She made sure her Will was up to date and to make sure that her estate didn’t add to her children’s own inheritance tax problems, she made arrangements for 
a Will Trust to be created when she died.

After losing his mum, Frank, and his wife Mary, took on the role of trustees for Betty’s Will Trust. Having spoken to some of their retired lawyer friends on the golf course, Frank and Mary became concerned that their responsibilities as trustees would be complicated and onerous. Worried about how to go about fulfilling their duties, and wanting to make sure his mum’s wishes were met, they asked Betty’s solicitor for some advice.

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Looking after Mum

Long term care

Caring for an elderly relative can be a difficult time,both emotionally and financially. Working out how to cover extra legal, medical and care bills using your own finances or those of your loved one can be a struggle.

When Julie came to us, she was faced with this dilemma. Her elderly mother Irene was suffering from dementia and had reached the point of needing “round-the-clock” care. Julie needed to find a way of covering the long term cost of care bills and everyday expenses, whilst also trying to find a way to fulfil Irene’s life-long wish to pass her estate on to her children, leaving as much as she could for Julie and her brother and sister.

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