From fear to facing the future with courage


Working alongside her solicitor, we helped Lyn understand her financial options in terms of reaching a divorce settlement with her ex-husband. The couple each had their own personal investments and pension schemes, as well as owning several joint assets, including the family home. Leaving the home, where they had lived most of their married life and where they had raised their children, was the last option Lyn was prepared to consider. With this in mind, we worked with her solicitor to find acceptable solutions for Lyn so that she could remain in the family home.

Using Lifestyle Financial Planning techniques, we were able to forecast various scenarios for Lyn, which showed the financial outcome of the options available to her. Staying in the family home was of paramount importance, but she also needed to ensure that she had the necessary income to meet her living expenses and her future needs.

By taking her through the different scenarios, Lyn gained a clear understanding of the outcome of her decisions before she made them. This gave her the reassurance and courage to take the action she needed for her financial security.

Lyn had so many things to deal with when she was coping with the divorce. Our role in mentoring her through the process, simplifying the jargon and taking the fear away, enabled her to stay in the family home and secure the right settlement, with the minimum amount of stress. She no longer fears the unknown, and is facing her future with the peace of mind that she’s in control of her finances.