When life in your 90’s is all it should be

equity release

When Mrs C’s husband died a number of years ago, she wanted to remain in the family home for as long as she could.  Now in her mid 90’s, Mrs C suffered from an increasing list of physical ailments and a live-in carer had been an essential part of her daily life for some time.  Fortunately Mrs C was as bright as a spark, hadn’t lost her mental capacity, and organised and ran a local art class for ‘the youngsters’.

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The gift of security from mother to daughter

As keen golfers in their early 70’s, Mr & Mrs F, were no strangers to the fairways at the local Golf Club.  They were considering a second home at La Manga in Spain so that they could play golf in sunny climes all year round. Sadly, Mr F died and for Mrs F the idea of spending time in Spain lost its appeal, because it meant being away from the family home, her three daughters, and her grandchildren for long periods. Mrs F decided to stay where she was, knowing that she could always downsize later, when the family home became too much for her to look after.

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A fresh start later in life

Equity release

A divorcee in his mid 60’s, Mr C was retired and living in rented accommodation in Bromley. His daughter and grandchildren were in South West London and he didn’t get to see them as much as he wanted. He talked to his daughter about his wish to buy his own home closer to her and her family.

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