Your Investments

We’ll work with you to develop a wealth management strategy and plan specific to your needs, to help you manage your investments more effectively, grow and protect your wealth, and to help you plan for your financial future.

Our investment philosophy

The internet and financial sections of weekend newspapers are full of adverts telling us which investments are “the best”, but are they really? Our role is to remove the emotion from the decision-making process. We believe investing is about “time in the market” and not “timing the market”.

We are guided by facts rather than marketing budgets.

We believe that a consistent, robust investment process provides long-term value. Our investment committee meets quarterly to agree asset allocation and fund selection and as we’re in regular contact with the leading fund management companies, we’re able to get “under the skin” of the fund for a better understanding of the thinking and strategy being adopted. That means that you get investment advice that’s based on the most reliable information available.

Risk vs reward.

Investing is a balancing act of risk versus reward. Risk is loss, reward is income, such as capital gains dividends or coupon on a bond. We help you to understand your attitude, capacity and tolerance to risk. This helps us to help you put together a portfolio that suits your circumstances. Our model portfolios are constructed to have a certain level of risk that drives the amount of return. The higher level of risk, the higher the expected return or, of course, potential for loss. No investment should be bought and forgotten. That’s why after every quarterly investment committee meeting, we advise clients about any changes we recommend for their portfolios.

How we reduce the risk in choosing investments.

We reduce risk by diversifying the four main asset types in the portfolio: cash, commercial property, fixed income and equities. We use fixed income assets to reduce the short-term portfolio volatility and equities to generate capital growth and dividend income.

Asset allocation is a significant factor in determining the outcome of any investment strategy. Different asset types perform differently at different times and in different economic climates. Our investment process aims to ensure that there is an efficient asset allocation for your portfolio to match the optimal reward for a given level of risk.

Investments with consistent performance.

Our research process aims to find investment funds that are most likely to deliver consistent performance. We expect a minimum of 5 years’ track record for any fund we recommend, whatever the asset type may be. Every 3 months we collate top quartile fund data to keep track of which funds are proving to be consistent, top performers within their sector. If a fund fails to meet our expectation, we investigate before giving you our recommended course of action.

Investment Warning

The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested

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