The six key stages

to effective financial planning

Our emphasis is on maintaining a long-term relationship with you and providing you with a source of trusted advice as your financial planning needs evolve and change over the years.

Every relationship has a starting point and ours is a straightforward, relaxed conversation that doesn’t cost you a penny.

financial planning

1. It starts with a chat

Financial Planning

This is the initial meeting, which is at our cost and without obligation on anyone. This meeting is for you to share with us what is important for you now; your personal and financial goals and priorities. We will tell you about Chamberlain Stean & West and the services we provide. If you decide that you would like to work with us, we will send you an Engagement Letter to confirm our understanding of what you have told us about and our proposal for the work we will undertake.

2. Information gathering

Financial Planning

We work with you to build a detailed understanding of your current financial situation and gather together all the details of any existing products and investments you own. We treat all information in the strictest of confidence and the information we ask you to share with us takes into account your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, and existing financial products. We will establish your specific personal financial goals, your tolerance towards investment risk and your capacity for loss.

3. The what ifs and scenario planning

Financial Planning

For clients looking to make sense of their current finances and gain a degree of certainty that they have taken the right steps to prepare for whatever the future may hold, the what if modelling stage of our Lifestyle Financial Planning service offers the chance to identify and consider the ramifications of various unplanned events and changes in your circumstances. We discuss and agree with you which what if scenarios you want to include in your Lifestyle Financial Plan.

4. Research and report

Financial Planning

Equipped with a clear picture of your situation and your available budget, we can carry out the research required to formulate your personal plan of action. This plan is summarised in your Lifestyle Financial Plan report. The report contains the details of your current circumstances, your prioritised aims and objectives, and our recommendations to help you to achieve them within an agreed time frame.

5. Implementation meeting

Financial Planning

We review and discuss our recommendations with you to agree the implementation of the plan. We provide separate, specific recommendation reports for each investment, together with all the regulatory documentation you’ll need. Wherever possible, we use products that do not have exit penalties. Don’t forget, as independent financial advisers we have no vested interest in one product over another. Everything is assessed purely on merit and value in achieving your goals.

6. Regular financial reviews

Financial Planning

As personal circumstances rarely remain the same forever, financial reviews are an essential part of the ongoing process. Changes in the law, taxation, or investment conditions may affect your plans. We recommend you review your financial plans with us annually to maintain continual progress towards achieving your objectives.



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